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I want to go home.. (vent)
I don't like it here. I feel like I don't belong..
All I get are weird stares and pointing and laughing.
All I get at home is physical/emotional abuse. And if I'm lucky, just screaming. 
Heck, in 5th grade, an adult told me I don't belong and actually laughed at me because of a few Autistic quirks.. 
That made me feel ashamed and incredibly retarded. I guess that's where the self-harm started..
I bashed my arm and/or leg against a tree, over and over again until I bled or got bruised. 
It started getting worse. 
My dad left me, my sister died, my mom and brother went to jail for a false accusation, all my family did was fight and now I even get scared of play-fighting because I can't tell the difference, my only friends either abandoned me or moved away, I literally almost went homeless, and ya. This was all one year ALONE. So around that time, I started getting more daredevilish. I went or scissors or even a knife. And honestly, I had multiple suicide attempts
:iconstormlover10:Stormlover10 3 0
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I... I'm practically speechless. 
Never in all my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would get a whopping 51 entries into my Draw my OCs Contest!
While the contest was originally started in hopes of getting just a few pieces of art for the first book, let's just go ahead and consider this "round 1" of the contest - in the end I'd love to get as much of your wonderful artwork into the books as possible, so even if you don't make it into the first volume (oh the woes of limited pages) don't be surprised if you hear from me in the future in regards to getting your artwork into a subsequent volume!
Given that it's waaaay more than I could ever fit into a single poll, cast your votes here in the comments of this journal by posting a link/thumb to your favorite entry (I've never been much of a fan of quick-click voting anyhow ;p) And if you feel up to it, go ahead and share what about it makes a particular entry your favorite! I'm sure the artists would love to hear your comments
:iconblackmanaburning:BlackManaBurning 5 65
GT God by ssjgogeto GT God :iconssjgogeto:ssjgogeto 66 19 The Place behind the Red Hill by ArthurBlue The Place behind the Red Hill :iconarthurblue:ArthurBlue 139 9 i have the most amazing sister in the world by SpringtraP-MasK i have the most amazing sister in the world :iconspringtrap-mask:SpringtraP-MasK 2 19 [G] Panternio (Ponified/READ DESC.) by Lunar-3c1ipz3-60 [G] Panternio (Ponified/READ DESC.) :iconlunar-3c1ipz3-60:Lunar-3c1ipz3-60 3 0
Marshadow Code Giveaway (Winners Being Selected)
Yesterday my brother and I got 4 Marshadow codes (2 for me, 2 for him) at GameStop. We were wondering, well since we got 4, we can do a giveaway and give the other 2 codes. So that's what we are doing.
How To Enter
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Advertise the giveaway (+1 ticket)
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Favorite the giveaway (+1 ticket)
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! Comment below with the advertised giveaway and say "Marshadow". (+1 ticket)
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! (Optional)  Tag a friend in the comments (Maximum is 5 friends) (+1 ticket per tag)
I will give everyone a number (numbers) as soon as the comment.
Due Date is October 20th (Want to give the winners 3 days to put the code in)
I will note the 2 winners their codes at the end of the due date.
:iconarc-fire:Arc-Fire 6 20
AWW...GOKU SSJ BLUE X GOKU OF FEMALE COLOR! by Gukassj3 AWW...GOKU SSJ BLUE X GOKU OF FEMALE COLOR! :icongukassj3:Gukassj3 46 10 {Aot oc) Rain. by MineCheese {Aot oc) Rain. :iconminecheese:MineCheese 3 2 Hestia the Torchic by ColtonthePhantom Hestia the Torchic :iconcoltonthephantom:ColtonthePhantom 3 16 Goku and Vegeta, Vegeta and Goku by MamaCharms Goku and Vegeta, Vegeta and Goku :iconmamacharms:MamaCharms 314 53




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Just call me luca
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a teenager who loves reading, drawing, and writing. I love seeing every ones' beautiful art, and stories. My favorite show is Dragon ball (except for gt).
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Repost if you would give me a hug if you met me in real life.
I just realized one of my favorite youtubers followes me on twitter. (Yes it is the actual youtuber their name is DBZWarrior)
What the.... A buisness liked my drawing on instagram XD
This makes 100% sense (dont ask XD)

Seriously? So your going to threaten me for telling you to pick up a pencil and draw your own art? You are very childish. Grow up. This right here could get you arrested.
embedded_item1508457222570 by LucaTheWriter
Do not take this character or use it as this belongs to Lily S. Cline not me anyone caught using it will be reported
Just wanna add that if you are only focusing on one side of things then nothing will get done. A guy can be sexually harrassed just as well it would be better to call for an end to sexuall harassment in general…

The whole Chris Savino controversy (where we still need more details) has caused many women in animation to send an open letter to Hollywood for something better.
Of coursw
Repost if.....
You Consider me a good friend
and that you will support me if I need it...
and that you'd accept a hug from me...:huggle:
So I saw a post on instagram and the person kept throwing up slavery and the kkk the first is no longer happening. Now I am not saying it was right for people to do that but if you are going to condemn americans because of their ancestors mistakes then you might as well condemn your own race as every single person on this planet has at least one ancestor that has done wrong. Every single race has at least one group that has done wrong. Stop throwing up past mistakes as americans have learned from it. Every country has made mistakes on its journey to become a country. Enough is enough stop throwing slavery in every white persons face when you get into an argument about racism. Unless you can show current facts on it dont even try and argue the point as you will make a fool of yourself. Fact is racism isnt as bad as it used to be its still there yes, but its not just the whites or the blacks being racist as some people like to put it. Anyone can be racist. Anyone can kill. anyone can commit a crime. Everyone is capable of wrong.
Dude you are over reacting calm down. See it this way you will always have ultra sun and ultra moon and every game made before that. lets see where this goes first before we start a riot. Also first nintendo doesnt own pokemon and doesnt make their games gamefreak makes the games whilst the pokemon company owns all rights to pokemon. At least they didnt add it to the xbox or the playstation. Pokemon has come a long way and if gamefreak feels its a good idea then it most likely is. They have been doing pretty good thus far and know more about this decision than you do. Plus if they wanted they could say "ok we will release one last game for the 3ds in 2018 then thats it" remember it doesnt say when it will switch to the nintendo switch and we dont know when ultra sun and moon will be released to america so it could be on the switch and 3ds to see how well this works out. Its not as bad as you are making it out to be. Gamefreak and the pokemon company has got this alright chill!
The original deviation has been deleted
I have 292 watchers? When did that happen?
They are short and not as challenging. X and Y is probably the most challenging of all oras and sun and moon no and sun and moon bleh what the hell was that? That was a slap to the face of the classics is what. Sun and moon in my opinion is a fail thats why it is getting ultra sun and ultra moon lmao just like the 3ds got the 2ds because it was deemed a fail by nintendo. Everything after X and Y was so overhyped for a game that took me a week to beat. The older ones take me a month to two to beat completely because they have actual things to do after the main story all oras had was a mini story after and sun and moon I dont know.
lmaoooo heads up that DisneyFrolloVillains deleted the supobi art and reuploaded it to get rid of our comments.
@DisneyFrolloVillians has stolen a lot of Goku times Vegeta art. Sadly nothing can be done as the original artists are either unknown or don't speak english. What I have to say is knock it off. DisneyFrollo pick up a pencil and learn to draw for yourself not steal art.
great way to make one feel welcome
Yes they are talking about me as I have been called stupid three times in this chat several times. I am tempted to tell them off and leave.


Seriously? So your going to threaten me for telling you to pick up a pencil and draw your own art? You are very childish. Grow up. This right here could get you arrested.
embedded_item1508457222570 by LucaTheWriter


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Hey, Lucathewriter. This message is in regards to the message you left to me on the message that other guy's profile. I would have replied there but he blocked me.

Yes, I will admit I could have handled the whole thing a lot better. Sort of like how Darren Wilson could have handled things better.

But he could have too. He also cussed at me and insulted me for having another view of the case. I understand I should have been more respectful, and I'm sorry.

BUT if you are the one telling me to grow up, you might wanna work on your punctuation and grammar. You know, commas and shit.

I'm sorry for my outbursts, and have a good day- Jesus S Stewardson.
LucaTheWriter Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
I do know how to use punctuation I just choose not to.
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Tho if someone starts insulting you just ignore them. Makes them look like an ass.
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Thank you so much for the watch and for participating in the music project! It really helps!
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No problem
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